Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

Breaking with tradition, I didn't quilt anything this conference weekend, although I have several projects I should be working on. I decided that I should do some baking and decorate the house (a loose term) instead. So Dick got homemade cinnamon rolls and cocoa for breakfast on Sunday for the first time since last conference, I think. On Saturday we rode over to the local pumpkin patch (that would be the Eagle River Wal-mart) and selected these cute little ones for baking pies. I had never done this before, but we cut them in half, scooped out the seeds and baked them face down for an hour. The skins literally fell off the fleshy part and now we have lots of fresh pumpkin for pies and bread.
I took all of about 30 minutes to decorate the tree and add some trim to the mantle. Mission accomplished. Fall is officially here. It was a cool, foggy, wet day, but still beautiful.
My newest ornament - a black cat walking toward you means good luck, walking across your path is bad. Now we just need to watch the Halloween scene in "Meet Me in St. Louis" for the full autumnal effect.
Happy October! It is the best month!