Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrate National Farmer's Market Week

I found a great article in the daily paper online listing all the markets in Anchorage and the area. I had no idea there were so many! My agricultural life is saved! Now if I can only find some dirt to dig in it will be like going to heaven. I did plant a rhubarb plant from a friend yesterday so 2 veggie points for me.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Material Girls

I was hoping for a photo but must work harder at that. Check out the adorable children patterns.

The Material Girls Quilting: Category: Childrens Clothing

What's Going On?

This summer I made this little dress for Savvy from some fabric and a pattern that Jenny found. It turned out very cute and there's even a shorter version for a top that be nice for fall with leggings. Savvy liked it and wore it for three days upon deliverance of the item. I wish I could wear my clothes for three days - it would save on laundry.Jenny also was the inspiration behind the knickers! She saw it on a friends blog and they turned out so cute. I have a denim pair to do as well. You could buy out the holey jeans from the DI and start your own online business! By the way these were also for Savvy.
My next project is to finish a little quilt for Madeline. It will work nicely for fall since it's the odd looking Halloween flower thing. I am trying to make it cute however. Pictures to follow if I ever get it done. Then we are on to baby boy things!
Someone or something took a nap in my flower bed during church yesterday and smashed a large section of plants. Thanks to the lard butt who did that!
And the question that has been plaguing Alaskans since May, "Where is the flippin' sun?" This summer has been such a disappointment weather wise, but alas, we know where to find it and if it won't come to us then by golly we will go to it. It's just a lot cheaper if it would come to us once in a while.
Am cooking four kinds of beans this morning to have ready for healthy soups and salads. A Tuscan bean veggie soup is on the lunch menu today.
Decided to defrost and clean out the freezer this morning and found a large bag of salmon from last year that I didn't know we had. It's a good thing because we totally missed out on all the fishing this summer due to travel schedules and bad weather. Enjoy the bounty of the summer, wherever you may be. Even if it's last years bounty!