Wednesday, January 29, 2014

October isn't over yet - with added photo's!

 I think I celebrated my birthday at least three times this year! Fortunately I only aged once! Jenny made me an awesome cake and we had a fun family get together to eat it! I can't imagine life without chocolate!
 Dick was able to spend a couple of days at Jenny's and we took some time to explore their new neighborhood, more precisely, the hill where the horses live. Lots of hills and domestic wildlife to explore. Didn't have to worry about things jumping out and eating us!
 Nice cows.
 Some were nicer than others.
 Hiking with grandpa!
 Saturday night movie time!
 Since we had no baby yet we were able to do some fun things to try and get the Stella show on the road,
 so to speak. Like shopping.....
 The pumpkin was a sunny day!
 Moms and muffins at the elementary school and an awesome book fair!
 I loved seeing where the kids study. I was so impressed with Savannah's room.
Her teacher does yoga with the kids!
School is so fun, it made me wish I could hang out there more.
 Jenny's pre-labor lunch! I think it was the combination of this meal and the pumpkin patch that did the trick!
Circumstances brought Uncle Dave into town so we were all especially blessed to enjoy some rare
 fun time with him! Uncle Dave is a party waiting to happen!
 Hurrying to finish baby Stella's quilt that Savannah started in Alaska last summer.
 BYU bowling and games is a family tradition!

 Halloween Trunk or Treating at the church on Halloween night! Such a blast!
Hurrah for Grandpa! He had saved these on a file and I found them! What a great feeling!
So wicked!
Some very talented person painted this beautiful fall backdrop for the ward photos!

 Last minute car seat carrier cover! The underneath is red minke and it's so cute. And warm!
Grandma's shopping date with Savannah at City Creek Center. Caramel apple compliments of Kneaders. I've never seen a kid eat such a big apple!
So many fun things to see and do!
 Hudson and his jack -o-lantern!

 New outfit and boots!
 Date night with Ethan: Fun-finity Toy store, Mac and Cheese at Magleby's, and the worst cone of sherbet on earth at the Drug Store. But it was the funnest date every! Ethan has superior dating skills!
Grandma is totally smitten with him!

 Our last few hours together before I leave for Alaska and Grandpa! Lunch at Bucca's!
 Last chance to hold little Thomas. He has that "where have you been?" look on his face.
The little cousins!
Stella is just over a week and Thomas is just over a month! 
I miss these two little people so much! and they grow so fast!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

.....and here she is.....Sweet Baby Stella Jane (Catherine) McCulloch....
 this was a rare moment, she's not really much on sleeping, according to Mom
......but what a beautiful addition to the family....
Stella is back home after less than one day at the birthing center. 
So many hands wanting to help and hold!
 Hudson is Stella's official stylist...he chooses the perfect bow for each outfit....
 what a sweet look.......
Stella came just two days after her due date but to Mom it was an eternity! 
We couldn't wait to get her home and love her! 
Now the fun begins! 

October with Henry

Welcome to October! 
Getting to visit during the fall and get a glimpse of the end of the season is so wonderful! 
We picked the last of the pumpkins from the patch........
got in lots of swinging time during the sunny afternoons.....
 celebrated Courtney's birthday with a Chinese lunch and cake and ice cream followed by
 a sweet family picture including new baby Thomas.......
Henry and I managed to shake almost all the pretty orange leaves from the big tree in the front yard... 
 also managed to get a postpartum breakfast at Elements with Stephanie and Meg......
 Grandma got a weekend pass to hang out with Megan in Salt Lake....
We attended Music and the Spoken Word at the Tabernacle.......
Ate the best sushi at hmmm.....must check with Meg....... 
 but here's the proof!
Lunch at Elements with Henry and the gang...
.Henry also loves Kneaders, especially the holiday cookies! 
Grandpa surprised us with a weekend visit to see the new baby and spend a couple of days with Grandma.
Love at first sight! 
 Swinging is the best!
 Spent some time at the zoo in Logan with the boys! I love saying "The boys"!

 Enjoyed a great dinner at Cannella's in Salt Lake with Dick and the kids.....
 Loved my beet salad....
Mike went for the Portabello Stack. And it was!
Had a fun breakfast with Meg, Mike and Aubrey at the Blue Plate diner.... 
As featured in the crazy food show :   Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins with Guy F! 
There is always so much to do and we always have such a good time.
I'm so thankful for my family!

I should probably disclose at this point that it was a bit of a crazy time so forgive any lapses in memory as to where I was or who I was with at the time.  Thanks!!!    XXXXXOOOOO