Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Signing Off to Fall

Every September I have the privilege of gathering with close friends to quilt by the Kenai Lake. This year was no exception. This is a tradition that I will truly miss when I no longer live in Alaska. I may have to come back for it. There are no photos of the participants because we rarely get out of our pajama's and don't comb our hair or put on makeup. What could be more wonderful?

But we cook marvelous breakfasts and quilt like crazy. This year I shared freshly prepared omelettes one morning and croque madams the next. My projects were baby quilts for the new babies, Thomas and Stella, the other ladies were working on projects for their grandchildren as well: quilts and pillowcases.

I managed to squeeze in one batch of raspberry jam this summer and brought some along for thank yous!
And the cranberries were ripe for the picking so we bundled up and braved the winds and picked those too for putting up when we get home.

I love the fall season, but mostly I love spending time doing the things I love with people I love!

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