Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alaska State Fair 2011

Welcome to the fair! It's been raining all month and on Thursday afternoon the sun came out and Dick and I took off and headed north. Holiday service stations were running a two-day Buy One Get One Free coupon and we stopped by and grabbed one! I truly love the fair! I'd never heard of the Chocolate Dipped Bacon (on a stick of course) but the kids informed me it was a real thing! 
The prize winning pumpkin weighed in at 1735 pounds - that's a lot of pies!
This lovely llama wasn't too interested in me because I wasn't holding out any food - the animal food vending machine was at the over end of her corral. But she was a sweet thing.
The petting zoo had two adorable calves - this one was more willing to look at the camera. She was so adorable I wanted to bring her home with me.
Other highlights: the quilts, the baked goods - although I think I could make a good show myself there and plan on entering a few things next year - the flowers, 4-H exhibits, pulled pork sandwiches, a gourmet ice cream bar (which we shared) and the gourmet popcorn. This years choice was the Coconut Almond Pecan! Yummy!
The afternoon  turned out to be so sunny and nice that I had to splurge on a pair of $10 designer knock off sunglasses - which is my limit on sunglasses anyway. It's much the same thing every year but I still love it - this year there were two sets of piglets! So cute!
Can't wait for next year!