Thursday, May 28, 2009

Only 18 Days Until Vacation!!!

But whose counting? Me that's who! In 18 days I will not be working, I will not be calling people begging for their attendance, I will not be trying to make class lists from faxed reports that I cannot even read with glasses, I will not be organizing materials and answering emails and fixing other people mistakes! I will be far, far away in another galaxy, where we eat exotic food and shop in wonderful stores and walk through fields of flowers and sail on calm seas. Okay, we will still be in Alaska, but it will still be wonderful. I may even cry as I lock my office door and drive away, into the sunset. Or not because the sun doesn't set here in the summer, but you get my drift.
Now it's only 17 days!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Merry Month of May (1987)

I'm tired of the same old picture but my camera is dead so I have to recharge before we can get any new photos. So, here is something different. It's spring 1987. I said it was the merry month of May, but it wasn't. It was late April, but we can pretend it's May. What a lovely group!

Monthly update consists of lots of yard work, warm sunny days and milder temperatures, today was a scorching 75 degrees. Returned to Weight Watchers after almost 5 years. Lost my first pound this week. Hope it isn't my last. But we are being positive here. Got on my bike today and rode up and down the street for a few minutes to make sure I still knew how to ride. I still do. Gabby had fun trying to stay ahead of me and predicting which way I was going. Finished planting the last of the flowers we purchased last weekend. We discovered a large, beautiful nursery near the high school and found some pretty things there. I am working like crazy at the office to make sure I get some time off this summer for myself. My job would be so much easier and less time consuming if certain people would do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it, not two or three months later. Dickie and I bought 20 bags of bark (when they say LARGE NUGGETS they aren't kidding) to fill in the flower beds in the back yard. I told him if we run out of heating fuel this winter we could burn the bark. But we might have to split some of it first. But the color is very pretty. And the beds are lovely! I've already read the June Ensign magazine, it's awesome. Gave a sacrament meeting talk in Nome. We washed all the windows and screens, inside and out and cleaned the tracks. Mostly finished all the spring cleaning. And Dickie cleaned out all the gutters. He should've warned me before I walked outside and was nearly struck by flying masses of dark, wet, nasty stuff. Where is Mike when we need him? Tonight was my last yoga class for the summer and I've had my last presidency meeting until fall. YAY! So, May has been a busy month. And we even had out of town guests for a week on their way from Alukanuk (google that if you dare!) to civilization in Washington state. I hope to post lovely blooming lilac bush photos in the near future. I am planning on June being much more relaxing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Dick bought me beautiful flowers, which he is not allowed to do, because they die, so he said he was buying them for himself. So pretty. The day was wonderful, beginning with waffles, strawberries and whipped cream and ending with steamed lobster, Cesar salad, angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream. Cooldad prepared dinner all by himself while I was chatting with Coolboy. As Coolboy says, "What a pimp!". In between was a wonderful sacrament meeting at the Klatt Ward in south Anchorage. We attended there to witness the confirmation of our friend Judith. The primary children sang "mother" songs, very quietly I might add (our ward belts 'em out!) and all the women age 21 and older collected an awesome large Symphony bar. Yay for that! Cooldad and I munched on it on our way back to our meetings while listening to John Grishams' "The Last Juror" on cd. Once home, we napped, Cooldad cooked and we ate, and Cooldad cleaned the kitchen. Cooldad is getting cooler all the time!

The best part of the weekend was chatting with all my children and my mom. Thank you for the calls, the love, the memories, even the crazy ones, and all tokens of appreciation in all forms. They are all appreciated. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.