Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast Burritos in Bulk

A co-worker found this recipe via a friend and said her family of 9 all loved them. I haven't tried them yet but I am going to. I am also going to peruse this blog and see what I can learn. I saw some interesting things during the hunt for the recipe. Check it out.


Upon further notice, I found a later post with a variation to the above recipe.

Breakfast Burritos
A while back, I mentioned a early, less healthy form of this recipe. Here’s what I’m currently using:
2 pounds of cured smoked sausage, cubed or 2 pounds of soyrizo (the last batch I did was a pound of each)
4 medium onions, diced
2 bell peppers, diced
2 tomatoes, diced
2 pounds of shredded cheese (fat free cheese works just fine for this, or you can skip it)
16 eggs
32 big flour tortillas (10″ ones work well)
1 jar of picante sauce
Saran wrap or Ziploc freezer bags (for packing)
Cut up the meat and vegetables and split it into four separate equal batches. Crack all sixteen eggs, blend them so the yolk is even, then separate this into four equal batches. Saute a batch of meat and veggies for about ten minutes (if you’re using soyrizo, you may want to cook it just a bit first before the veggies), then add a batch of the eggs and stir regularly until the eggs are cooked. Each small batch here makes eight burritos, so spoon some of the egg/veggie/meat mix onto a tortilla shell, put some cheese and a bit of picante sauce on top, then fold it up and wrap it in Saran wrap. Toss the finished burritos in the freezer. I can make 32 burritos in about an hour and a half following this process.
When you pull out a burrito, unwrap it, put it on a saucer, and microwave it for about two minutes from frozen.

Now, back to my show.

I saw some other recipes as well that looked worthy of a second take.

As you may have heard, our volcano erupted twice during the night and so far we are in the clear of any fallout, as it appears to be all heading north. We will stay tuned. Gabby is very anti-mask!

Have a great day. It looks like we are all getting some snow this week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What I did today...

This morning I went out to look for a nice comfortable pair of black dress shoes to wear with dark suits and clothing that will give me an air of quiet dignity and understated classiness while attending funerals, church meetings, work and other must do's. I didn't really find anything that screamed at me...except for these little cuties!!! Now we're talkin'. I justified the purchase with the fact that I will be able to wear them in about three more months...and besides, if I don't get them now, they may sell out of my size, which happens to me a lot. So, yeah. My feet love me the most! I am finally getting around to posting my second knitting project, Gabby refused to model it for me as well, so here it is. It can be worn plain, or with the ribbing turned up. I will be making more of these in some fun colors.
Found this fabric I've been saving for a baby boy quilt. Anyone having a baby boy soon?
The lady at the yarn store convinced me that because I have knitted two simple items, I am fully qualified to make socks. Personally, I think she vastly overrates my knitting skills, but I have the tools anyway. Stay turned for completed project...coming soon to some feet near you.
I picked up this cotton from Wal-mart to make some dish cloths. I heard you could make them in your sleep. Or while watching TV, which is the same thing.
So, I have plans for the future. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Biker Babies!

Jenny and Ed are the best parents ever! They tolerate and accommodate the constant nagging of the grandparents for updated photos of the kids and their ongoing journey through life on planet earth. This week the trip got a little easier with the help of wheels! Here's what people in warm climates do to celebrate spring - a nice warm sunny bike ride through Provo. Aren't they the cutest ever? Ethan getting the hang of it.
Ed says they are riding full time from sun up to sun down!
Princess Savannah!
I hope they don't wear them out before July when Grandma arrives!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Project Please?

I just finished my second knitting project - a cute little rib knit stocking cap that my wonderful sister-in-law Joan helped me start while on vacation. What next? I'm thinking mittens or fingerless gloves, but working with those double pointed needles near the end of my little hat just about made me crazy. I assume we get used to that? I hope so. I did find some nice little videos online to show me how to use those. My goal is to work my way up to socks but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Maybe booties or baby socks. There is so much to choose from so I welcome suggestions.

Disney World - Where All Your Dreams Come True!

OK, Disney World was only on the itinerary because the military resort there (Shades of Green, I know, it's silly name) is really nice and affordable and we thought we would just spend a few days laying by the pool and sunning and reading and ordering our food and drinks from the fun little poolside cafe. Not. So. Much. It was very cool and very windy and no one was by the pool. Hardly. Excepts the kids for like 5 minutes until their parents turned blue and insisted they leave. So we spent some time at Downtown Disney, which is free and fun for a couple of hours, and an afternoon at Epcot. So here is me in England by an authentic phone booth. Very British. They also had this little pretend Beatles rock bank playing live music and they were very good! Reminded me of a certain son-in-law. The sun was warm during the afternoon. Here is me in Germany. Yay for hummels and Steif bears, gummi bears and Tobelerone chocolate and bratwurst! I love Germany.
Cooldad in America, standing in front of a famous American building to be sure.
I could not resist taking a picture of these turkeys roaming around by our hotel. They were so cute. So "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"-ish! They were rather large as well. I hope they don't catch them and eat them at Thanksgiving.
Unfortunately, I didn't give a photo in France where I ate three delicious French pastries, one eclair and two croissants and didn't feel a bit guilty about it. Although I did spread them over two meals. Considering the selection, that was showing great restraint! The cheesecake, the brie, the tarts! All in all, it was a very fun day. I know I mentioned posting lowlights of the trip, but it was just so wonderful to NOT be in Alaska for a few weeks that I could only come up with a couple of legitimate ones. So here they are.
No photo with Belle and the Beast due to long line
Lost my good bi-focals the last day
Could have been a lot warmer
My dad could have agreed to go to Key Largo where it was very warm instead of hanging around locally to be cold (to his credit he realizes that he chose poorly!)
Not enough mall time
Overall, it was a pretty nice trip.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phase Two

The second part of the trip was to Daytona Beach for some R&R on the beach. Unfortunately, their weather this year hasn't been much better than anyone else's! But we did have some fun in the sun and caught some rays! All of Dick's siblings and spouses joined us in Florida for an impromptu family reunion. Dick made his "World Famous" steak and chicken shish kebobs for dinner one night and I got to shop at the Flea Market for fresh fruits and knock off designer sun glasses! The fruit made me weep! I should've taken pictures. !

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Phase One

Dickie on Siesta Key Island Beach just south of Sarasota. I want to retire here but it's a little pricey. I wish I had more photos, the softest whitest sand, lovely condos, and nice little shops and restautants. Dad lives on the gulf side and I think I prefer the beaches here.The first part of vacation was spent in Spring Hill Florida with my dad and Joyce. Savannah loved feeding these little guys when she visited a few years ago. Grandaddy Myers feeding his fish.
Sarasota Bay with Dad and Joyce in front of the circus mans mansion, sorry I forgot his name. I could check the brochure but I would have to go upstairs and fine it. Too much for a work day. :) Dinner time!The Brooksville Florida chapel. I loved the trees with all the moss.
Us on Clearwater Beach but it was cold and windy. We did collect some nice shells though.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Highlights of the Vacation

I meant to come home and write this awesome post but after working, returning a car to the airport, going grocery shopping, making dinner, picking up a pampered chef order and collecting the dog...I was just tired. Plus I am a little jet lagged from the four hour time difference.

So here are the highlights. I feel a little guilty posting any lowlights given the circumstances. So far the only lowlight is having to come home to 20 degree weather, icy roads, and work. So we will save that for later.

No airline delays nor crying children on any of our flights
Seeing my dad and Joyce
Jewelry shopping at dads
Siesta Key Island Beach...where I would like to spend eternity
Clearwater Beach (too bad it was cold and windy)
Eating out
Not working
Four nice days at Daytona Beach
DisneyWorld for free, almost
Being with Cooldad for 12 days straight
Driving on not icy roads and not slidding through busy intersections
House shopping in Florida
Collecting shells
Uncle John's cookies, brownies and cheesecake
Dad's World Famous etoufee
Playing hand and foot
Eating hot dogs, cheeseburgers and cheese fries on the beach
Morning walks together
Beach walking
Dickie's' steak and chicken kebabs for dinner
No sunburn, but this could also be considered by some as a lowlight
Read two great books and one magazine
Started knitting a stocking cap
Only gained one pound
Actually made a purchase at L'Occitane in the Dallas airport
Ate at the good fish place in the Seattle airport food court

It was nice to see family and catch up and it was sad to leave.

We Live in a "Pretty-ish Sort of Wilderness"!

That was my first thought when I woke up and looked out my window this morning.

We are home. Of our six legs of flights to Orlando and back, none were notably late or eventful except the part where we managed to be in seats that did not recline for 5 out of the 6 flights. But the exit row sets were nice. That was, until late last night when Alaska airlines combined two flights and we ended up booted out of our nice roomy exit row seats and relocated to the very last row of non-reclineable seats on the plane. Where it was very noisy and lots of people were standing in line for the restroom. And socializing. But at that point I was mostly unconscious so it wasn't the end of the world. And what is with all the Jones soda? So nasty. I'd rather drink H2O. And I do.

Too bad we missed the event in Dallas shortly after we took off for Seattle. It appears some guy was landing in Dallas and couldn't wait for the plane to stop so he ran to the door, opened it as the plane was taxiing to the gate and jumped out via the escape shoot. To the authorities waiting below. Personally, I think it was the beverage selection that did him in.

Anyway, I have to get to work, so my blogging time is cut so short. Pictures and such to follow. Have a nice day!