Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Highlights of the Vacation

I meant to come home and write this awesome post but after working, returning a car to the airport, going grocery shopping, making dinner, picking up a pampered chef order and collecting the dog...I was just tired. Plus I am a little jet lagged from the four hour time difference.

So here are the highlights. I feel a little guilty posting any lowlights given the circumstances. So far the only lowlight is having to come home to 20 degree weather, icy roads, and work. So we will save that for later.

No airline delays nor crying children on any of our flights
Seeing my dad and Joyce
Jewelry shopping at dads
Siesta Key Island Beach...where I would like to spend eternity
Clearwater Beach (too bad it was cold and windy)
Eating out
Not working
Four nice days at Daytona Beach
DisneyWorld for free, almost
Being with Cooldad for 12 days straight
Driving on not icy roads and not slidding through busy intersections
House shopping in Florida
Collecting shells
Uncle John's cookies, brownies and cheesecake
Dad's World Famous etoufee
Playing hand and foot
Eating hot dogs, cheeseburgers and cheese fries on the beach
Morning walks together
Beach walking
Dickie's' steak and chicken kebabs for dinner
No sunburn, but this could also be considered by some as a lowlight
Read two great books and one magazine
Started knitting a stocking cap
Only gained one pound
Actually made a purchase at L'Occitane in the Dallas airport
Ate at the good fish place in the Seattle airport food court

It was nice to see family and catch up and it was sad to leave.


CoolBoy said...

The ones about Dad were so cute!
I can just see you two going out for walkies every morning at sunrise. So precious.

coolmom said...

And so it was, CB!

Nemesis said...

Mmmmmmm, L'Occitane . . . we're related. I kept seeing L'Occitane shops in Vegas and sighing. There was even an outlet store but everything was still out of my budget.