Saturday, March 21, 2009

What I did today...

This morning I went out to look for a nice comfortable pair of black dress shoes to wear with dark suits and clothing that will give me an air of quiet dignity and understated classiness while attending funerals, church meetings, work and other must do's. I didn't really find anything that screamed at me...except for these little cuties!!! Now we're talkin'. I justified the purchase with the fact that I will be able to wear them in about three more months...and besides, if I don't get them now, they may sell out of my size, which happens to me a lot. So, yeah. My feet love me the most! I am finally getting around to posting my second knitting project, Gabby refused to model it for me as well, so here it is. It can be worn plain, or with the ribbing turned up. I will be making more of these in some fun colors.
Found this fabric I've been saving for a baby boy quilt. Anyone having a baby boy soon?
The lady at the yarn store convinced me that because I have knitted two simple items, I am fully qualified to make socks. Personally, I think she vastly overrates my knitting skills, but I have the tools anyway. Stay turned for completed project...coming soon to some feet near you.
I picked up this cotton from Wal-mart to make some dish cloths. I heard you could make them in your sleep. Or while watching TV, which is the same thing.
So, I have plans for the future. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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