Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Project Please?

I just finished my second knitting project - a cute little rib knit stocking cap that my wonderful sister-in-law Joan helped me start while on vacation. What next? I'm thinking mittens or fingerless gloves, but working with those double pointed needles near the end of my little hat just about made me crazy. I assume we get used to that? I hope so. I did find some nice little videos online to show me how to use those. My goal is to work my way up to socks but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Maybe booties or baby socks. There is so much to choose from so I welcome suggestions.


Nemesis said...

Well, you do some baby knitting. Might come in handy this year. (Note: am not talking about me!) Check out some baby knit books at the library and it'll make you want to get pregnant your own self. What about baby cardigans? Some of those you don't even have to do in the round, it's just different rectangles stitched together.

Nemesis said...

ps. I hope you post pictures at your Ravelry account!

pps. Meant that first line to be, "you COULD do some baby knitting."

Carrie said...

Hi Cathy--
Maybe this is silly, but little ones like finger puppets. I took a quick peek online and saw patterns for litle finger puupets that you can knit, esp. farmyard ones. It'd be a good way to use up scraps.
Hope all is well, Carrie