Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Recycle

When we first moved to Alaska from California going on 16 years ago, recycling was unheard of here. Being avid recyclers in CA, we were a bit astounded, but came to understand that recycling is a business and there was no demand for recycled goods here. Well, this situation has changed and just this past year our waste pickup company began home pick up service. So it doesn't get any easier than this, unless of course they decide to start picking up glass, which at this point they do not. I will have to take my glass to a pick up point. But everything else can go into this nice large bin they are delivering to my house next week. So now I can do more of my part to be "green". Yay!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Highlights

We got to see Ed for a day or so on his way back to Utah via the great northwest photo shoot of 2009. Have a great trip Ed! Grandma and Grandpa at the Nature Center look out.
This is the most beautiful waterfall but I can't get it to stay right side up. Oh well. From Resurrection Bay. I could live in one of these coves. They are are beautiful and peaceful. Especially in the rain.
The sea lions at a distance. Hence the lack of focus.That sunny day we mentioned on Grandma's deck.
Other highlights:
Girls Day Out
Pizza Man
Samuri Sushi
Far North Yarn Co.
Ray's Restaurant
Playing cards
Sleeping in
Walking the trails in Eaglewood
Seeing the wildlife
Double Musky pie
Seafood Night
Just hanging out with the kids!

We Had a Sunny Day

Yes we did. But just one I think, not counting the fact that the sun was doing the "I will come out at 8pm thing". But Saturday was nice. We hadn't seen any moose until we took Gabby for a walk on Sunday night. This little one was right down the street.
Stephanie and Cortney in Seward at the boat dock right after our Resurrection Bay cruise and just before a wonderful dinner at Ray's restaurant.
One of our favorite photo spots at the lookout at the Eagle River visitors center.

Sheep on the Seward highway.
These were Steph's photos. As soon as I figure out where my computer put mine, I will post them as well. Vacations for the best.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Last Day of Vacation!

I am so sad. The kids (Stephanie and Ed) are leaving tonight and in the morning. Cortney left on Sunday morning. It's been a wonderful week. Highlights to follow. Gabby is going to miss everyone and I have to go back to work. :(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Opinion of Facebook and iPhones and Twitter and so on...

I was going to comment on Spitfires blog about Facebook but decided it was too good to just take back seat in the comment section so I am bringing it out into the open. The following is a true story. And none of the names are going to be changed to protect the innocent.

A few weeks ago I went into work and my boss never showed up. He usually comes in around lunch time as he travels much and often has early meetings.

So after several hours of work someone came into the office and asked to see him. I replied that he wasn't in the office and I wasn't aware of his schedule that day. The other secretary responded that he was at the dentist and wasn't coming into the office. When I asked her how she knew that she said she read it on his FACEBOOK page. No phone call. No email. Just FACEBOOK!!!

Long pause.

I am still not getting Facebook. Probably out of spite. Because I am stubborn like that. Even though everyone else in the office has it. I guess my "need to know" index just isn't high enough yet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Officially On Vacation!!!

Yes indeedie! Stephanie and Cortney arrive tomorrow night late and we are so excited! I performed my last work tasks today, right on time, made all necessary phone calls and appointments and am ready for fun in the sun! Okay, the sun is still a maybe, but we are hoping for the best. The fun is for sure. Lots of photos to follow!

This past week I did something for the first time. A friend and I bagged up 50 pounds of powdered eggs that we ordered, along with the rest of Anchorage, for our food storage. After picking up the box, we had to drive to the cannery in Palmer to pick up necessary Mylar bags and oxygen packets for the project, drove home, filled the bags and sealed them with an iron. It was a worthwhile project. We are now the proud owners of about 25 pounds of powdered eggs, enough to eat about 18 eggs a week for a year. But we won't be eating that many. Plus they are primarily for baking and cooking, but I am going to spend some time experimenting with it. Maybe a nice eggnog recipe for the holidays and some nice French toast! Or quiche. Will be sure to share any success stories. I have a picture of the process, but we are still messing around with the new computer so I haven't gotten to the point where I can download my camera.

It was 72 and sunny in Anchorage today. Very nice. Have a great week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grandpa Goes Fishing!

Grandpa and Grandma went fishing today! We drove down to our favorite fishing spot, where Grandpa landed two nice looking halibut!
We brought them home where Grandpa filleted them and Grandma vacuum packed them.
Gabby was waiting nearby in case something hit the floor. Nothing did.
The best part was no getting up early, no driving long distances when everyone else is sleeping on a Saturday morning, no pulled muscles from pulling in fish, no sea sickness, no freezing, no tipping the captain, no driving home exhausted. Beautiful, fresh, healthy halibut for an average of $3.75 per person per meal. What a deal!
You gotta love Costco!