Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Highlights

We got to see Ed for a day or so on his way back to Utah via the great northwest photo shoot of 2009. Have a great trip Ed! Grandma and Grandpa at the Nature Center look out.
This is the most beautiful waterfall but I can't get it to stay right side up. Oh well. From Resurrection Bay. I could live in one of these coves. They are are beautiful and peaceful. Especially in the rain.
The sea lions at a distance. Hence the lack of focus.That sunny day we mentioned on Grandma's deck.
Other highlights:
Girls Day Out
Pizza Man
Samuri Sushi
Far North Yarn Co.
Ray's Restaurant
Playing cards
Sleeping in
Walking the trails in Eaglewood
Seeing the wildlife
Double Musky pie
Seafood Night
Just hanging out with the kids!


deerhollow said...

So I am drooling and very homesick. I just want to walk around the trail in Eaglewood and go out to the nature trail - what a beautiful day that was for you! Musky Pie !!! YUM! Glad you all had such a wonderful time. You all look great.

coolmom said...

Maybe we should consider a house swap! You could have your crew here and we could have ours there!

Jenny said...

Yeah only it would be more fun to hang out with the firths, don't you think?

Thanks for posting all the pictures. The kids love them.