Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grandpa Goes Fishing!

Grandpa and Grandma went fishing today! We drove down to our favorite fishing spot, where Grandpa landed two nice looking halibut!
We brought them home where Grandpa filleted them and Grandma vacuum packed them.
Gabby was waiting nearby in case something hit the floor. Nothing did.
The best part was no getting up early, no driving long distances when everyone else is sleeping on a Saturday morning, no pulled muscles from pulling in fish, no sea sickness, no freezing, no tipping the captain, no driving home exhausted. Beautiful, fresh, healthy halibut for an average of $3.75 per person per meal. What a deal!
You gotta love Costco!


deerhollow said...

What time is dinner?!

Valli said...

Mmm... Love me some halibut. Nice catch. Smart method too.