Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Opinion of Facebook and iPhones and Twitter and so on...

I was going to comment on Spitfires blog about Facebook but decided it was too good to just take back seat in the comment section so I am bringing it out into the open. The following is a true story. And none of the names are going to be changed to protect the innocent.

A few weeks ago I went into work and my boss never showed up. He usually comes in around lunch time as he travels much and often has early meetings.

So after several hours of work someone came into the office and asked to see him. I replied that he wasn't in the office and I wasn't aware of his schedule that day. The other secretary responded that he was at the dentist and wasn't coming into the office. When I asked her how she knew that she said she read it on his FACEBOOK page. No phone call. No email. Just FACEBOOK!!!

Long pause.

I am still not getting Facebook. Probably out of spite. Because I am stubborn like that. Even though everyone else in the office has it. I guess my "need to know" index just isn't high enough yet.


Jenny said...

Dude. So far he's the first person I know who facebooked his schedule to the office.

coolmom said...

I don't think it was so much to the office as it was just on Facebook and everyone in the office saw it but me, the one who needed to know.