Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Officially On Vacation!!!

Yes indeedie! Stephanie and Cortney arrive tomorrow night late and we are so excited! I performed my last work tasks today, right on time, made all necessary phone calls and appointments and am ready for fun in the sun! Okay, the sun is still a maybe, but we are hoping for the best. The fun is for sure. Lots of photos to follow!

This past week I did something for the first time. A friend and I bagged up 50 pounds of powdered eggs that we ordered, along with the rest of Anchorage, for our food storage. After picking up the box, we had to drive to the cannery in Palmer to pick up necessary Mylar bags and oxygen packets for the project, drove home, filled the bags and sealed them with an iron. It was a worthwhile project. We are now the proud owners of about 25 pounds of powdered eggs, enough to eat about 18 eggs a week for a year. But we won't be eating that many. Plus they are primarily for baking and cooking, but I am going to spend some time experimenting with it. Maybe a nice eggnog recipe for the holidays and some nice French toast! Or quiche. Will be sure to share any success stories. I have a picture of the process, but we are still messing around with the new computer so I haven't gotten to the point where I can download my camera.

It was 72 and sunny in Anchorage today. Very nice. Have a great week.

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Nemesis said...

Yay, I will see you in exactly 12 hours!