Thursday, May 28, 2009

Only 18 Days Until Vacation!!!

But whose counting? Me that's who! In 18 days I will not be working, I will not be calling people begging for their attendance, I will not be trying to make class lists from faxed reports that I cannot even read with glasses, I will not be organizing materials and answering emails and fixing other people mistakes! I will be far, far away in another galaxy, where we eat exotic food and shop in wonderful stores and walk through fields of flowers and sail on calm seas. Okay, we will still be in Alaska, but it will still be wonderful. I may even cry as I lock my office door and drive away, into the sunset. Or not because the sun doesn't set here in the summer, but you get my drift.
Now it's only 17 days!


deerhollow said...

Vacations are the BEST!! Where do you get to go?

Nemesis said...

I never compliment myself, I only know that my friends feel that their vacations begin when I arrive.

coolmom said...

DH, we are spendning a week introducing our new SIL to the great state of Alaksa. We are going to do all of our favorite "tourist" things! And then Steph and I are going to do all of our favorite "chick" things. I think they call it a "Staycation."