Monday, March 9, 2009

Disney World - Where All Your Dreams Come True!

OK, Disney World was only on the itinerary because the military resort there (Shades of Green, I know, it's silly name) is really nice and affordable and we thought we would just spend a few days laying by the pool and sunning and reading and ordering our food and drinks from the fun little poolside cafe. Not. So. Much. It was very cool and very windy and no one was by the pool. Hardly. Excepts the kids for like 5 minutes until their parents turned blue and insisted they leave. So we spent some time at Downtown Disney, which is free and fun for a couple of hours, and an afternoon at Epcot. So here is me in England by an authentic phone booth. Very British. They also had this little pretend Beatles rock bank playing live music and they were very good! Reminded me of a certain son-in-law. The sun was warm during the afternoon. Here is me in Germany. Yay for hummels and Steif bears, gummi bears and Tobelerone chocolate and bratwurst! I love Germany.
Cooldad in America, standing in front of a famous American building to be sure.
I could not resist taking a picture of these turkeys roaming around by our hotel. They were so cute. So "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"-ish! They were rather large as well. I hope they don't catch them and eat them at Thanksgiving.
Unfortunately, I didn't give a photo in France where I ate three delicious French pastries, one eclair and two croissants and didn't feel a bit guilty about it. Although I did spread them over two meals. Considering the selection, that was showing great restraint! The cheesecake, the brie, the tarts! All in all, it was a very fun day. I know I mentioned posting lowlights of the trip, but it was just so wonderful to NOT be in Alaska for a few weeks that I could only come up with a couple of legitimate ones. So here they are.
No photo with Belle and the Beast due to long line
Lost my good bi-focals the last day
Could have been a lot warmer
My dad could have agreed to go to Key Largo where it was very warm instead of hanging around locally to be cold (to his credit he realizes that he chose poorly!)
Not enough mall time
Overall, it was a pretty nice trip.

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deerhollow said...

Look how tan you look in the second photo down!! Sounds like you are getting pretty good at the knitting thing. I am taking a class at a retreat this Friday. Hope I "get it". I think you should knit one of those gigantic purses out of wool yarn and then felt it. They make the cutest bags EVER!!