Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Thomas

On September 30th, sweet baby Thomas Kent Western arrived in North Logan, Utah, much to the delight of all his family and future friends. And we are all in agreement that he is without a doubt, one of the most precious little guys to come along. Maybe even the most precious!
 What a face! Since he was a little early, he was already the ripe old age of 5 days before I could get my hands on him. 
 Does it even get any sweeter or more angelic?
 And he's even cuter when he's awake!
 Telling Grandma a funny joke! He's already the life of the party!
But he also has an intellectual side. 
Yes, those are pajamas and you will probably see me in them in future holiday posts as well. 

This little face just has adorable written all over it. It just screams to be kissed!
Babies are such a joy!

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Nemesis said...

I'm a fan of his too. ;-)