Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiss the Big Fish!

I came across this picture of post-mission Coolboy and couldn't resist the temptation to let everyone know who is true love really is!
Every July our family goes dipnetting, an Alaska tradition of standing out in near freezing water wearing very tight waders waiting for scores of red salmon to come swimming upstream into your nice big net. Sounds easy? Well, describing it is about where the easy part ends. It gets very cold and when the current is coming in or going out, it can get rather hard on the old arms! But we go anyway because we love fish! As you can see, the scenery is quite nice and standing out in the water you get the opportunity to meet other Alaskans and hear their stories, some of which are very interesting, and get a different perspective on why people love to live here or why they don't. But most of these people are in love with Alaska! And with fish.

And Coolboy is such a good sport to help out Mom and Dad. He said it was definately one of the highlights of his summer vacation!

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Valli said...

Ahh! Alaska and Salmon. A slice of the Celestial Kingdom.