Monday, December 8, 2008

11 Days to go!

In eleven days we board our plane (well, not our personal plane, but a plane) for Utah and Christmas time! Our Christmas festivities have been a little slim this year. We missed a few things already due to conflicting schedules, but this week is looking up for attending Dick's Christmas party in Seward, the temple on Friday, and enjoying Colony Christmas out in the Mat-Su valley with some friends and a dinner with them afterward. Hopefully there will be some nice pictures to post afterward. It's too bad I can't take pictures of the Christmas decorations in the movie theatre in Seward. They leave them up all year. My favorites are the neon candy canes that hang by the movie screen. So cool! We have gotten a couple of cards and my dad sent us a gift already. I am behind on the card mailing/letter writing tradition and need to get on that. I'm behind on the homemade gifts I plan to make, although no one ever fusses about the store bought ones, so in a pinch, I think I'm covered.
But, we were right on for decorating our house and putting up lights. It was accomplished the day after Thanksgiving and will stay up quite a while because it's so dark. It's normal to still see lights up in February! So nice! A fresh wreath adorns the door. The nativities are in place; candy jars full. My shopping is mostly done. Treats for neighbors and co-workers line the kitchen counter. Since we have scaled back on purchased gifts and shop mostly online for the ones we do buy, it's been such a pleasant change. I even have holiday crafts and activities planned for family time in Utah. I hope everyone is enjoying the season and not feeling so stressed; I am happy to have made the change to do less and enjoy more. We watched the Christmas devotional on TV last night and it was so nice - we even recorded it in case we need a reminder of what the holidays are all about. Merry Christmas!


Spitfire said...

Wow, family craft time-- how exciting! heh heh.
Good job getting all the decorating done, the entry way looks good!

deerhollow said...

Your home looks lovely! Hope we get to see you two cute people over the holidays!