Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello from the Wasatch

I'm still alive, although I have no photos to show for it. I think a card reader is in my future so I can immediately use the wonderful photos I have been taking of family. I guess the visuals will have to wait until my return to AK, but in the mean time it has been a busy couple of weeks. But the highlights are:

Holding baby Hudson all I want (I am going to miss him so much)
Playing Barbies with Savannah (this gives me a new insight into her sweet mind)
Going to the pool with S & E
Playing hide and seek and tag
The BYU bookstore
The Shops at Riverwoods (where Jenny went into labor!)
Seeing Monsters vs Aliens with S & E
Family picnic
Great weather
Blowing bubbles
Airplane museum
Not working (the less rewarding paid for kind)
Meeting my kids friends
My wonderful son-in-laws
My wonderful daughters
Having Dick come down for a visit and doing important "Dad" stuff (I will be home soon)
Hanging out with family like it was an every day occurrence
Going to church with family
Neighborhood walks
Sunflower market
Provo Saturday farmers market
Making jam with Savvy
Gateway Mall (Hudson's first real outing)
Doing everything on Savannah's Grandma "to do" list
Doing real "Mom" stuff
Finally getting my Uganda souvenirs from Megan - they were worth the wait!

There have been a couple of low lights, but most of them are actually pretty funny or things turned out well and are therefore a blessing, so I guess they aren't really that low after all. I will miss everyone terribly when I return to AK on Friday, but I miss Dick and I like to think he can't function without me although I know he does very well. Hopefully he has missed me a little.

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