Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yeah for Easter and Conference Weekend and Eating and not doing anything I don't want to do!

Or something like that. I have a lot of things to unwind from this week and I am anxious to get started! Spring, Easter, Conference, all things to help me regroup, remember and rediscover why I love this life and living it. I am upholding my tradition of working on some quilts. I tied these two a while back but I can't find the newer photos so these are the pre-tied photos. I 'm going to bind the edges and they will be ready to take their place amongst the others.
I found four old quilt tops at a local shop and have enjoyed finishing them up. I hope the quilter who peiced them together would be pleased. Hopefully I will have the finished photos soon!
So, the good news is...

I have four days off from work.
Tomorrow I am meeting a friend I love to look at her newest quilt projects.
Tomorrow I am also meeting with my new RS Meeting Coordinator, a lady I also love.
I am going to work out and read my scriptures and prepare myself to have a wonderful conference weekend.
I have two quilts to bind off during sessions- yay!
I have another quilt to start.
I'm cooking lamb for Easter and my menu is delicious.
Dickie and I are looking forward to some quiet time.
Dickie is going to get my bike down because the streets are clear enough to ride.
Dickie is going to sweep all the nasty winter crud out of the garage!!!

On Tuesday when I arise to face a new week I will be a new person with a new purpose and a new attitude! If not, oh well, I'm not so bad the way I am. hehe

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as well. Happy Easter!


Jenny said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take notes for me. I want that red quilt.

deerhollow said...

YOu are so ambitious and Dickie is a gem. Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. Lamb. I've never cooked that.