Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baton Rouge 2010

The month I traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit my mom and her husband, Bob. It was a fun visit and one day we took a little road trip to a neighboring parrish (Louisiana version of a county) and took a tour of this little home. It's a cute place where Bob's daughter lives right across of the street from the levee in Iberville. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and lovely front and back porches, all on forty acres. I understand there is a lake somewhere and plenty of land for hunting, although we didn't get back that far. The yard is also covered in huge, lovely pecan trees. Pecans cover the yard. Mom and Bob share a lovely home in Baton Rouge, but Thanksgiving is usually here where everyone has lots of space to play. My sweet baby brother and me!

A view of the mighty Mississippi from the top of the levee across the street from the little house.

Mom and Bob on the porch. Bob is a super ice guy and we get along great!
The weather was absolutely lovely, about 80 or so everyday and sunny. I can't wait to feel some nice warm rays of sun again. Here's a view of the nice cows we met grazing on the levee. What a life!
I hope to live someplace like this one day!


Cooldad said...

How did you know the cows were nice?

coolmom said...

Because they are contented cows!