Monday, May 16, 2011

Sister Harrell Arrives in Missouri

Today we got the "thank you for giving us your daughter, write to her once a week, keep it uplifting, don't call us we'll call you" letter from the mission president and his wife. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but those words really are in the letter, somewhere. They look like a sweet couple and Megan is so happy to be there. We are certain she will be the best missionary they have ever had the privilege to work with! We love you Meg!


Jenny said...

Mom, do you think you should be calling the mission president ever? It's not like you gave them your five year old. Meg looks great, I did notice the Mission President's wife is not wearing a collard shirt though. What's that about? :)

deerhollow said...

We have LOVED reading her letters! I'm ready to go now!

Cooldad said...

Jenny...collard shirt? Is that a shirt made from a vegetable?