Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Surprise! I'm blogging.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We miss our family and friends and can't wait to be spending the holidays with you!
Here's how our weekend went down:
We left Seward under cloudy skies and about 6 miles down the road the heavens parted and all was blue and beautiful. We took this as a sign that all would be well. And it all was. The weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm all weekend. And it was much needed.
I found a leftover gift card from Paramount Cycles in my wallet recently and ran in to apply it toward a pair of warmer biking pants since there is usually a breeze her in Seward and I'm excited to get back to riding. Found a pair on the clearance rack!
Headed for downtown Anchorage for a polish and a nice walk to Westchester Lagoon!
That evening we met friends at Maxine's Fireweed Bistro. We've never been there but heard it was nice so we tried it out. Great food! A little more gourmet.  Here are a few of the menu items:
Lamb Wellington
 Filet with a crab and goat cheese gravy
 Chicken Adobo

 Chicken lettuce wraps
 I got the special, rockfish over greens with a citrus pasta sauce and heirloom tomatoes
Afterwards we ran around town trying to find a showing of the new Star Trek movie that wasn't sold out! Finally saw it at Century 16 and it was very good. Liked it more than Ironman 3, but Dick thought Ironman was funny. Also, can't wait to see the new Superman movie with Amy Adams. She's not Superman, she's someone else.
Attended church in Eagle River at our old ward and got caught up on some news from ward friends! Their meetings were from 1-4 which is my very least favorite time, so we got back to the hotel in time to rest up and little and grab some dinner.
This morning we had to ride out to the house to do a quickie walk through so they could renew the lease for 2 more years. It's decorated so cute and it's as though they belong there. Everything looked so nice. But it still felt like I should be there. Sad. The most amazing thing form the walk through is these people have THREE flat screen tv's. THREE! One in the living room, one in the family room and another in the master bedroom. I always wanted a tv in the bedroom but I have always considered that a luxury I should forego. Not anymore! When we retire the first thing I am buying is a tv for my bedroom!
Spent some time this afternoon on a walk through the Arctic Valley gold course.
 Some ducks.
 A not yet green, green.
On the way home we stopped in at Bell's Nursery to pick up two nice hanging baskets for our front porch here in Seward. Will post them after they are hung.
Dick decided we needed to grill so after arriving home we whipped up some potato salad and lemonade and grilled two hot dogs and two hamburgers and had our Memorial Day meal.
I'm so grateful for my many blessings! A wonderful family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful place to live.

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deerhollow said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! So glad you are posting once again :)