Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Back!

After months of trying to figure out how I managed to lock myself out of my blogger account, I finally decided that this was the day I either a) get back in, or b) start another blog. Not that I blog that much but it still serves to send out photos and info to family that are out of reach in the normal sense.

So, I sat down at the computer, said a prayer and tried to log in. Immediately I get the Google error message so I decided to play along and pretend I had forgotten my password, along with everything else. So the kind Googlers sent me a text with a new password, at which time I discovered that the email address that I have been using for years was now converted to something else that made no sense at all. But, having faith that if I played along something good would happen, I used the strange email address and the new 6 digit code's a Christmas miracle. And here I am!

Two things to remember here. Most importantly, miracles do happen and prayer always works, eventually. And, I know this was all my fault because I somehow tried to do something google oriented that totally back fired on me. But that is water under the bridge as now here I sit telling the tale.

So much has happened the last few months and I may never catch up, but here's one really fun thing:
So grateful for my beautiful family!

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deerhollow said...

Glad you are back! My blog is my journal/brain and I have to rely on looking back at old posts to know what went on our crazy lives!