Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did "Spring" Miss the Memo?

My gosh, we are dying up here! Of course, you guys don't seem to be doing much better. It's Spring for crying out loud! Easter! Spring flowers! Flowered dresses and sandals! Planting things...or at least thinking about it. Or buying seeds. Or something! I feel guilty for not posting in so long but I have long since noticed anything worth even posting about. I guess I need to look harder.

We have the volcano, which is going on month three of ruining people's flight plans in and out of Alaska, snow, ice, wind, clouds, need I say more.

However, I found this nice little mental getaway linked on someone else's website and enjoyed a few moments of bliss. If you are a beachy sort of person, take a look. I really enjoyed it. Just don't look outside afterward for a little while.

Here's another one from Williams Sonoma. Cute Easters cookies.

And then there's always:


Something to look forward to.

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