Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Latest Creations

The one on the left is the baby hat experiment. I was looking for something cute and easy to whip up for a baby gift, maybe along with a set of booties. Like for neighbor babies or new babies at church. I think it turned out nice. I also have some pink cotton chenille to make one for the new little girl across the street who is due at the end of the month. The one on the right was made from leftovers as an experiment also, but I may have goofed on the instructions so it might be a little smaller than planned. So I will have to look for a head the appropriate size. I think I've gotten the hang of hats so must progress to next level whether I'm ready or not. Will it be socks or booties? Probably the booties. Since they are smaller, but since I really don't appreciate tiny double pointed needles yet, both will be a challenge. Wish me luck!


Emily said...

Good job!! I took a little knitting class at a retreat a few weeks ago - I actually learned the cable stitch. I just don't have any time to practice right now. Can't wait to, though!! You are sure whipping these cute things out!!

Emily said...

Above is actually Leisa - sorry. didn't see she was signed in!