Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Official! It's Fall!

I took this picture this morning after looking out my window to check the weather. It's quite beautiful here in Eagle River this fall. And I think we've been blessed with an extra month of nice weather. Actually, I understand it's quite nice in most parts of AK right now. However, our mountain is more welcoming of the winter than we are.
Our back yard, covered with leaves, again. Dick has raked twice already. Kenai lake in Cooper Landing. I went there last week for two days to quilt with some friends. She has a beautiful place on the lake. I want to live there. This is her front yard beach. A perfect kayaking spot. Or bonfire spot. Or kissing spot. Whatever.
Believe it or not, this tiny little space, about the size of my bedroom, has some wonderful fabric finds. Right in Cooper Landing. Who knew? The six of us sure made her day! And we met some of the locals, come to find out, you have to be a certified card carrying tree hugger to live there. I'm okay with that. Where do I sign up?
I will be visiting the area again soon, I hope. It was a great way to celebrate fall. The drive back home to Anchorage was breathtaking. Now if I can just get out on my neighborhood trails and get some of these ripe red currants that are just begging to be picked, my fall with be complete. One more bike ride would be great too! And maybe a hike? Am I asking too much?


Jenny said...

Like you'd ever live in Cooper Landing! LAME.

The pics are awesome. Happy Fall!

Valli said...

Beautiful Pictures. Glad you had a good time.

Nemesis said...

We should have a Girls Week there. Just, you know, not in the winter. Or spring.

deerhollow said...

I love Cooper Landing too!! (Mark & I own sweatshirts from there! ) Let's be neighbors. Had no idea they sold fabric. I love the fall - just not the termination dust on your mountain. It is very pretty, though. Make some carameled apples! I am craving one. :)