Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls Spa Day

Flying anywhere on a red eye is not my idea of a cup of tea, but being picked up and pampered by my wonderful daughters certainly is! After arriving I was picked up and chauffeured to one of our favorite bakeries for a wake up breakfast - usually consisting of sugar and chocolate, the ultimate wake up food. After tasting the treats there we headed to a spa for some relaxation and pampering. They chose the pedicures so they would all have cute toes for the wedding reception and other festivities, but I chose a detox body wrap, my first, which was wonderful - warm and relaxing- and a facial to pass the time while I was laying there wrapped in plastic wrap! I was suffering from a bad cold when I got there but by the end of the treatments I was feeling almost as good as new. Since this was all very time consuming we worked up an appetite and headed to lunch at a favorite Italian place which consisted of a lovely spinach salad and some yummy pasta. Because I was going to only eat healthy and Weight Watchers approved meals this week. Right. I think that lasted about one day. Or maybe one meal. Anyway, shopping and then lovely Chinese take out supplied by Stephanie and Cortney followed by a very culturally musical night of Beatles Rock Band and brownies.

The evening hotel was my treat from Megan followed by a delicious breakfast. I think breakfast is my favorite meal.

We have established that this must be an annual event.


deerhollow said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! You have sich adorable daughters + inlaws, too! Can you do a little name dropping? Restaurants...hotel...I am always taking note of these things ~ you know?? :)

Jenny said...

Gourmandise, Buca di Bepo, Skinworks asthetics school (they have a coupon for like half off at Little America for hotel and their amazing breakfast.

deerhollow said...

Thanks Jenny!!!!