Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year of Reading & Thank You!

I have already read two books this year, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, thanks to the persistent encouragement by certain family members. So thank you for getting my reading year started on the right foot!

I also purchased a cute pink journal to use as a "book journal" and I am very excited about that! So just keep those recommendations coming.

I am maintaining a list of "on hold" books at the library as well so eventually I will get them as they become available.

Staying active in Book Group even though some of the selections are definately not my taste.

I just checked out "The Help" audio book from the library yesterday to listen to in the car as it just became available, and brought home two books from the Institute library that look good - a book about Nauvoo and another about Isaiah. I am really going to read the Old Testament this year for only the second time - the first was when I was teaching seminary many moons ago in Seward and was kind of freaked out anyway due to actually living there so I probably missed a few things.

So, the reading plan exists. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me to continue to read. Good luck on your own new years reading resolutions!

Oh, and suggestions for good reads are always welcome!


Jenny said...

It should be the very next book you read. Wonderful for Valentines Day.

All the broken pieces is a fast, YA read and is very good. I read it in like 45 minutes, I think.

The mother goddess Randi said...

I agree about "These Is My Words"! I'm reading "Three Cups of Tea" right now (getting back to it as soon as I leave this comment.) I recently read "Miracles on the Water". Both of these are incredible non-fictions--my favorite.

coolmom said...

I have "These is my words" on request. Thanks Randi!

coolmom said...

Randi, where is your blog??? I went there hoping to change my life and ..........I was so disappointed!!!!! How can I go on?