Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Weekend in Bethel

Dick and I spent the weekend in Bethel visiting the branch. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and only had the use of my phone so the photos aren't the best. The weather was cold (-11) and windy. It was also snowing and very foggy most of the time. Not exactly a great photo opportunity. It was also dark a lot of the time so we were unable to get as many photo's as we wanted. Here is the Alaska Airlines terminal. It's the only terminal I think.Just a view of the area from the plane.
This was the most exciting time while there - driving across the frozen lake (a shortcut) to get to the airport. It was well traveled.
An aerial photo showing the river front part of town. The river freezes during the winter and is used as a main road to the surrounding villages. We saw several vehicles and snow machines driving on the river.

We bought pizza and had a pizza party for all the youth at someones home to recruit them to attend the upcoming Bush District temple trip, attended branch council meeting, I taught a primary class and Dick presented the young men's lesson, discussed everyone seminary attendance with them, visited Young Women (one girl in attendance) and visited the RS meeting. I disliked the practice song there as well. If I am ever the RS General President (big haha) my first order of business is to get rid of the practice song. We ate some egg rolls at the Tundra Restaurant and breakfast at the "Grr8 Bear Bed and Breakfast". It was a nice room and the owner made quiche for breakfast - Dick's favorite (not so much). The flights were on time and it was a wonderful 24 hours. We came home and rested. So Super Bowl for us. Not that we care. I have no room in my life for football. Although it hear it was all about the commercials anyway. This was probably my last trip to the bush so I was a little sad coming home knowing this. But it's been a great experience.


deerhollow said...

Loved your phone photos! What an interesting place. So glad you had the oppurtunity to visit. I miss AK a lot. And . . . I happen to love quiche!

Nemesis said...

Word. I'm sure there are more worthless things than the RS practice hymn, I'm just not sure what.