Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Get a New Vaccum Cleaner

On Saturday morning it was my turn to host the Relief Society birthday breakfast for all the sisters in our ward who have May birthdays. I think these breakfasts are unnecessary, but they are nice and it was already a ritual when I came on board. Friday had been very busy so Dick volunteered to vacuum for me on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon I had a new Oreck vacuum cleaner.

Let me clarify. I was not seeking a new appliance. I am very cheap when it comes to updating things for the house. But Dick has always hated our vacuum cleaner because it is very noisy, very heavy, and not so great. It was a cheapo Hoover from Wal-mart - need I say more.

So while we were strolling through Costco for something very insignificant, he spotted the Oreck's and bought one. He loves it. Now, after using it this morning, I love it. So much that I think it would make a lovely Christmas present for those who may need one.

I love it because:
1. The cord is long enough to vacuum the entire level of the house and even allows me to go up the stairs and into the laundry room before unplugging is necessary. A major plus with me.
2. It only weighs a couple of pounds. (It's hard to believe you are really vacuuming.)
3. It vacuums rugs without pulling them off the floor but still gets up all the stuff.
4. It lays down flat to the floor to get under even the lowest pieces of furniture.
5. It's narrower to fit in between all the chair legs.
6. It's quiet. Shhh!
6. And finally, it works!
7. And it came with another smaller appliance that you can carry around on your shoulder for vacuuming other things, which I haven't had time to try out yet. I'm sure it will be wonderful as well.

So there it is. I must give all the credit to my sweetie though. If not for him I'd still be using "the beast"!


Jenny said...

Yay for vacuums.

Jenny said...

And Dads!

CoolBoy said...

Yeah baby!!
I used one of those when I worked at Christo's Palace and Orso and they work like a dream. I really wanted to get one for me and Aubrey but we just didn't have the dough, but the one we have seems to work pretty nice (plus it isn't a very big place).

Way to go, Dad!

Spitfire said...