Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time for New Shoes - Asics Cumulus Gel 10's

Okay, so after my son-in-law laughs at me for wearing the same shoes for several years, I decided to invest in a new pair. Honestly, that's not exactly how it went down, but he did laugh. After I called him for sneaker advice. My little feet have been hurting for about a month, new callouses, what appears to be the beginning of bunions, some new red spots and really sore soles between my arch and my toes. According to the Internet foot doctor website I needed new shoes. Wider ones at that. So I went to my local over-priced running shoe store and tried on some and chatted with the experts and then went to the BX and found this wonderful pair for $50 less. Of course, they were also available on Amazon as well for way cheaper, but then there's that pesky issue of size and color. Orange in a size 12 wouldn't work, so my purchase was still the best option and I can't wait to have my old feet back soon.


Jenny said...

Ed told me they were five years old. Good choice, mom!

Spitfire said...

when are you gonna post pics with the grandkids?