Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alaskan Summer Twenty Ten!

Jenny and the kids visited Alaska this summer and what a time we had! Here they are at the airport on the way home - ready to get back to Utah and Daddy! But we get ahead of ourselves. Ethan playing in the sandbox at the new Seward community playground - the biggest and nicest playground we have ever seen - and a beautiful view of downtown Seward and Resurrection Bay.Savannah with Krista Petersen, the author of "Meet Mr. Napkin" and a friend of mine who was having a book signing at Costco. Nice work, Krista!
Hudson at the Alaska Sea Life Center. Obviously a future boat captain!
Savannah helping with Hudson.
Ethan playing (resting?) on of the many playgrounds we visited during his visit.
Savannah enjoying nature at the Eagle River Nature Center hike.

We found a tree that was big enough for the whole family!
Ethan with Grandma at the lookout.
Long story - our counter tops were supposed to be installed BEFORE the kids came, but in true construction form they were weeks late, therefore we had some take out meals. The only "out of the kitchen" area for kids to eat and drink was of course, the bath tub!
Question: Ethan, what was your favorite part of the zoo? Answer: popcorn.
Jenny eating birthday dessert at Simon and Seaforts - key lime pie. Happy Birthday Jenny!
The petting zoo at the zoo - where you pet!
Savvy at the annual Anchorage Flower Festival. She planted flowers to bring home to the garden.
Feeding the ducks at Westchester Lagoon in Anchorage.
Petting the moose at the base hospital parking lot at Elmendorf.
It was an awesome trip with too many fun pictures to post at one time. More to follow!! We miss everyone so much. XXXXOOOO


Jenny said...

We had so much fun visiting you and can't wait to come back! Also, I will always think of Mr. Thornton every time I read the title of your blog.

coolmom said...

Ha!! I get it.

deerhollow said...

What great memories! Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see your new countertops and some of those photos make me homesick!

Fun post!

coolmom said...

Thanks, Leisa!