Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Okay, this is year of countdowns. I have only survived this year due to the wonderfulness of countdowns; they have kept me going!

This time last year we were counting down the days until Mike and Aubrey came to celebrate Christmas with us and going to the temple with Aubrey in Anchorage, Alaska.
As soon as they left we began the countdown for Mike and Aubrey's wedding in January, which was lovely. Our whole family was together for the first time in years!
Then Hawaii, with my brother David and sweet Stephanie in February.
Valli brought Madeline for a visit in March and it was wonderful to be with them.
We had a bit of a dry spell until Jenny and kids arrived around Memorial Day for a surprise three week visit. It was so nice to spend time with the grandkids (and their mom!).
Megan graced us with an apperance the first week of July and brought her lovely friend Ladessa with her to share new Alaska adventures!
Bear Lake for Pioneer Day. We were all there except for David, who was and is still in Afghanistan, and we missed him and his family so much.
Valli flew up again with Madeline to visit family and celebrate our birthdays in October. I feel so blessed to share birthdays with little Madeline.
I flew out to see my mom for a week in October and had a fun time enjoying some nice warm weather.
A secret visit to Hawaii for Thanksgiving compliments of an Alaska airlines companion fair and a serious need to get into some warm weather since we basically had so summer this year, but we did have a lovely and lengthy fall.
As of this moment, I am counting down the days until December 11 when I board the plane for Utah and my newest favorite grandchild! (They are all my favorites!)
Only 10 days to go and I am counting the hours! My only regret was missing you all so much at Thanksgiving but spending three weeks with my children for Christmas is going to more than make up for it!
That is if they can stand me for that long!
If only my luck could be this good two years in a row.

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