Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting a Jump on the Season

In true form, I bought the supplies to make this cute advent calendar last year. I just finished it tonight. It's made from a 24 mini muffin baking tin and magnetic squares covered with card stock and embellished. It was a lot of fun once I got started and it gave me an excuse to listen to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CD while I was working. So I can check this little guy off my "to make" list although it needs a better bow. I must decide what to put in all the little compartments. Treats, scriptures, or service? Any ideas? Our Relief Society has a once a month provident living class called "Tasty Tuesday". This month the class taught simple hot water bath canning and the item canned was Carrot Cake Jam. I know that sounds so gross, but it reminds me of a really yummy spicy pineapple sauce. It's super easy to make and smells like Christmas morning! I could put the recipe here, but just google it and the first hit is a winner!
Note: We reduced the sugar to 4 cups and it was plenty sweet and still firm.
We also put our little "outdoor tree" in the arctic entry this weekend for dinner group. That is probably the only one to see daylight this year due to the holiday traveling schedule. But it's giving a nice glow to the front of the house.


deerhollow said...

Fun little advent! I would choose a combo of treats, service & thoughts or scriptures. Don't you just love the holidays? I am aiming to finsihed with my shopping before Thanksgiving...we'll see what happens. And I will check out the carrot cake jam - I have a few kids who would LOVE it!
Thanks for sharing!

Spitfire said...

I agree to do a combination of all of those things. Nice job Mom! Maybe we should live near each other one day- that would be fun.