Friday, February 18, 2011

It's All About Love

Last night our Relief Society hosted the visiting teaching conference. In honor of Valentine's Day our theme was about love. Mostly about loving those we serve. We began the evening with an uplifting message compiled by the president during visiting teaching interviews with all the ladies focusing on how their lives have been blessed through visiting teaching. We played the "speed dating" game sister style and I wish I had a video, it was amazing. Listening to 32 women talk non stop at the same time was a sight (and sound!) to behold. And everyone seemed to love it! For the "make and take" we created these cute coasters from plain white bathroom tiles. It's simply a square of scrapbook paper, glued and glazed with Modge Podge, and there is a square of thin cork rubber cemented on the back to prevent it from scratching any surfaces. And the cost was about a dollar. I have a friend who loves purple and I made these for her.
Tie with a strip of netting and it's ready to give! It's All About Love!

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Spitfire said...

Those are so cute! What a good idea.