Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Relief Society

In March we celebrate the birthday of the Church's women's organization, the Relief Society. This week we had our dinner and service auction, which is always a fun event. Each sister is encouraged to bring a service idea or item to auction and we bid with points earned from a check sheet of various items.
Here a sister put together a stationary caddy complete with stamps, cards and even some small mailing containers! I wish I had gotten this since I am going to be sending mail to a missionary in the near future!Another sister makes really cute hair clips.
There were so many cute handmade items, aprons, baby quilts, bonnets, crocheted pot holders, knitted mittens, scarves, knitted headbands, doll clothes, gourmet food items ...

I loved this little emergency FHE kit!
Baby quilts!

I ended up with this nice handmade bread basket! Complete with bread and some lovely hand made paper dolls for a special little girl!

Other service items included: private Zumba classes, photography sessions, yard clean up (which is a big deal here if you have a pet going outside all winter!), airport rides, dinners and baked goods on demand, singing telegrams, carpet cleaning, and custom jewelry.
We have so many talented sisters in our ward!
And I can take a deep breathe until next month when we set up for Women's Conference. But I'm not thinking about that right now.

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