Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Latest Addiction

This little outfit is the one that disappeared from the end of the blog. Start reading from the next line.

A friend of mine asked me to make her a doll outfit in exchange for this adorable knitted sweater. She had seen the ones I made for Savvy's birthday and thought they were cute. What could I say but YES YES YES! So I stitched up a cute pair of bell bottom jeans to match (not the mom jeans we started out with!) and a cute shirt is on the way. So cute! But it led to sort of sewing frenzy where we just couldn't stop ourselves.

Most of these are outfits for Savvy's new doll,

but these last two are for tomorrow night's Relief Society Service Auction, an annual event where all the sisters bid on services, or items up for auction. So these cute jammies.....

and this little outfit (see first photo) are going up for auction. I'm having a hard time parting with them, but hopefully they will make a little girl happy and my part is over! Yay! Oops.
My blogging skills are very rusty!

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