Monday, January 30, 2012

I Say Brrrrr....It's Cold Up Here!

There are some phrases and words I can't say without stomping my feet and clapping my hands rhythmically and this is one of them. The hazards of being a cheerleader Mom. And I loved it! 

But let's get this over with! Yes we are having record cold and yes we are having record snow. But as soon as this blog post is published I will think of it no more! Except I will still admire the beauty of it all. 

THIS GUY hung around the back yard for about a week or so. Eating and dozing. I guess it's a good place to do those things if you are a moose! 

 The snow is actually much deeper but he is standing on the cleared bike trail.
 Last week I spent three days in Seward with Dick just sewing and avoiding real life and the drive was amazing. There were are no words to describe the beauty of the road. Too bad it was getting dark.
 Alaskans are funny folk!
 Our deck BEFORE the last big snow.
 Our street - sorry it was garbage day.
 Again, the snow berm before the last big snowfall.
 Lovely lights.
I only wish we could share of our abundance with those of you who are without!!!

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deerhollow said...

It looks beautiful. We need some of your snow but I don't miss the cold. Fun updates! I always love your posts :)