Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch for Wabbits!

 David and Valli are finally settled in Kenai, Alaska and we are loving having them so close. I hope they love it as well. And David never ceases to amaze us at his interesting adventures. Last week they came for a couple of days to run errands and attend them temple and when Dick and I got up to go to work/gym on Friday morning we found this note on the garage entryway door. 

We weren't sure if we should open the door or not! I cracked the door open and sure enough we saw and heard scurrying in the garage. These adorable creatures were running around and having a ball hiding under the vehicles and all over. As Dick put it, "I guess we'll have to get the Rabbit Master out of bed to assist with this!"
 I don't remember their names or their breeds, but be clear that they are for sure champion bloodline bunnies! The little black one is a boy and the two gray ones are his sister wives, both of whom are "with bunnies". 
 Of course, sweet Madeline loves them and will continue to wonder where the little ones disappear to as soon as they are big enough to be considered a meal.
 Just holding them made me wish I could have some too! But just for pets!
 This bunny gets lots of kisses.
 I'm not sure when they are due but probably soon. It will be fun to see all the little ones!

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