Friday, March 23, 2012

The Cruise: Part 1

Here's my Dad in front of his house just as we were leaving to come home. But I wanted to show this picture first because Dad was the reason we came to Florida to come on the cruise. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented us being able to all go together this time. But we had a nice visit and a nice vacation. Dad will celebrate his 80th birthday on April 18th! Go Dad!

 I haven't mastered the new Blogger format so these pics are out of sequence. Will try harder next post. I thought there was a place to edit or rearrange but maybe I imagined that.

This is just off the coast of Grand Cayman. People rave about the Caymans. There are no taxes of any kind on the island because they make all their money from the licenses and permits they sell to the banks in order to have businesses in their country. It appears to be a win-win. You can have a passport to the Caymans if you can prove you have a job making 150K or more a year and own 350K in property on the island. I guess anybody who is anybody owns a condo in the Caymans. Or a hotel if you are Oprah or Donald Trump. I don't quite get it, but I imagine the location (it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Florida) make it a quick getaway. And a good place to stash all your money! The ships harbor off the coast and we ride these little water taxi's called something I forgot to get to the shore.
 Once you get away from the dock there are many lovely hotels along the main road. And they drive on the left side of the road.
 The little dock where the water taxi's load and unload.
 Another view of the tourist area.
We spent the day at a nice resort called Tiki Beach. We enjoyed a private beach where you aren't bombarded to buy things from the locals, lovely weather, our own beach chairs and a free beverage. I guess they figure people will do anything for free alcohol. The water was warmer than Hawaii, which was nice for me. The Caymans are along a barrier reef so there is lots of coral and snorkeling.
 We really were there!
A typical store front in downtown. Oh, and there are more banks and jewelry stores than you can shake a stick at.
It might be worth a second trip to take some time and get the know the island a little better. Maybe we'd run into Sylvester Stallone or Jennifer Lopez!

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