Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Did It!

Drumroll, please.
I have officially begun the enrollment process for the AVTEC - Alaska's Institute of Technology- Professional Cooking and Baking program to begin August 20, 2012. At around 8:30 am or something insane like that. So, for all of you (a certain daughter or two) who though I would never do it. I did it!

So, you are the first to know. I am waiting for my official letter to inform me of the requirements to complete my enrollment. I have to take a test that shows I understand the English language and I can convert fractions to decimals. Thank heaven for my last job of converting student seminary attendance into percentages or my whole career could be over before it even got started!  That and all the homework I did with five children and a few years assisting elementary school children in math. So I hope I'm ok.  In case you've forgotten, you divide the top number by the bottom one.

Example:  3/4,  divide 3 by 4, equals 75%. It works every time.


PS! Don't you just love the hats!


Valli said...

You're going to look so cute in that hat!

deerhollow said...

Cathy! I'm so proud of you!! I think you will look great in the hat too ;)
Sounds like a blast to me. Good LUCK!