Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What You Missed

How many times have you heard me say, "We should go to Hope!" Well, we went and it was a joy!Dickie surprised me by taking the turn on our way home from Anchorage on Saturday afternoon. Driving along the two lane road for 15 miles only heightened my anticipation and I was rewarded with the sweetest little town I've seen in a very long time. Maybe ever!
 The first Cafe you encounter as you come into town. You can take the road to the left or the right, we chose the left and it loops around to the historical district. Actually, it's pretty much the same all around. And all the captions are above the photos and not below - sorry. Got ahead of myself!
One of the few original little log structure remaining from the late 1800's.
 The Social Hall in downtown Hope, also built in the late 1800's, and scheduled to undergo some work to build up the foundation to keep it from decaying. 
Another small residence.
 and another
A sweet little gift shop.
 The Hope Library, of course.
 The one room school house, complete with swings and a slide. I don't know if it's still in use for not because there is another school outside of the town. One of my culinary instructors grew up in Hope and attended this school with her sister from K-grade 10. Something to think about.
 A lovely homestead with some cute out buildings and beautiful gardens.
 The river runs through the town and into Turnagain Arm.
A view from downtown toward the Arm and Anchorage.
Two Cafes downtown. Cannot wait to give them a try.
 A view of Turnagain Arm from mile 10 or so heading back toward the Seward Hway.
The entrance to the park at the end of the road. Simply beautiful.
Truely an Alaska destination.


Nemesis said...

Geez. I missed out on all that!

coolmom said...

Do I detect a hint of scarcasm? I hope not.

deerhollow said...

I remember when we took a side trip through Hope - such a quaint little place. I didn't snap pictures of the sweet little buildings - I think I was pretty enamored with a couple of the cutest little out houses I had ever seen!!