Monday, October 1, 2012

Veggies, Grains and Such


The last few weeks have been busy and fun! A week of cooking veggies in all sizes, shapes and colors! My favorites were the deep fried onion rings and braised fennel!
Then a week or so of grains:  pasta, rice, quinoa, Israeli couscous, polenta, and risotto! I'm having so much fun it hardly feels like school. Until I had my course final and practicals last week - that felt like school but it was all good.
Following a week of salads and dressings, my new favorite thing is hand-torn french bread croutons, which were amazing, was a week of hot and cold sandwiches:  Rubens, hot roast beef, hummus on pitas, and Monte Christo's to name a few.
We ate very well this last month.
This week we will be learning the delicate art of stocks and sauces, the base for all the good things we love to top our food with.
Stay tuned!


deerhollow said...

do you get share any recipes or tips with us? it sounds so awesome!!

coolmom said...

You bet! But you are already such an awesome cook. I will think of something good to post! I'm usually just too busy to write much but I will try. Stocks and sauces is pretty intense - but I will try to do a good post on it.