Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Baby Lydia was one year old on Thursday. On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending her first birthday party at her home in Kenai, Alaska. What a pretty little girl she is and I'm not even the least bit biased. As a side note, Lydia also shares her birthday with her paternal great-grandmother, if that is even a real thing. Grandpa's mother, Jean Elizabeth Hudson Harrell was also born on February 7, but in 1921.
Sharing the birthday cupcake toppings with Grandma.
Valli did a great job decorating the party house - she could have a career in party planning to be sure. Unfortunately I just deleted the nice photo of that. If I recover from the stress of blogging I may actually try and repost it. I'm having serious issues trying to blog since the acquisition of the new laptop last fall.
Lydia was teething and not feeling her best for the party but she is such an easy little girl and was so sweet through it all.
Sophie helped a little.
 Lots of time with Grandpa.
 Fun presents!
 A sweet light up book with music was a hit - from Grandma Robbie.
You can see some of the fun decorations in this photo. Valli sewed a million cute circles together to make this sweet garland.
Panda cupcakes!
Happy times with my grandbabies are the best times ever!


deerhollow said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing...even if it is a big pain! I Love your posts!!

Nemesis said...

Wow, that looks like an awesome party!