Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hanging With the GP's: Week 2

Week Two was a little more low key than week one. For starters, Grandma came down with a little cold and we realized if we didn't slow down the trip would be over before we knew it! So on Tuesday we make time for hanging out at the beach and relaxing a little. This is Lowell Point again. With snacks and chairs and shovels and plastic containers for shells and other treasures we were sure to find. 

 That evening Ethan and Grandpa took some man time to contemplate life from the end of a fishing pole. Not the fishes end. This is First Lake behind Dick's office in Seward.
On Thursdays Dick works in Anchorage so we stopped by the Wildlife Reserve near Portage on the way home. I've always wanted to stop here and it was a really nice place. Lots of animals. This herd is being bred in captivity but will be released into the wild in the near future. 
 Friday was more nice walks by the beach where the kids honed their rock skimming skills. We were kind of amazed at how good they were despite the crazy surf!
And Savannah made her famous rice krispie treats from memory! And they were wonderful!
 Another afternoon at the beach they waited for the tide to go out so they could climb up on this rock that was only accessible at low tide.
 The ritual sand burial. 
 It was quite warm in the sand.
 Where the tide goes in and out.
 During this week we had to focus on Savannah's quilt for new baby Stella! It was truly a labor of love. Savannah sewed all the triangles together and I helped with the blocks and rows. We were unable to finish because the weather was just too darn fabulous to keep us indoors enough, so we are going to finish quilting it when we get together this fall for Stella's arrival! Savannah is an amazing little seamstress.
 Friday night Grandpa and Savannah had a date to the movie theatre in Seward to see Turbo! Ethan and I hung out at home but joined then later for a fire on the beach near our apartment. Of course, no fire is complete without s'mores! Thanks Grandpa!
 Saturday morning hike to Exit Glacier, a family favorite. The weather was, of course, glorious!
 You can see the glacier in the background. 
 Go Cougars! Savvy got lots of comments from the other tourists on her sweatshirt! There is always a Utah contingency to be found in the summer time. 
 If rock skipping was a sport, Ethan would lead the pack.
 The fireweek this summer is just phenomenal!
On Saturday night there was a youth baptism in our little Seward branch and Ethan and Savannah and me and Dick attended and it was very sweet. The kids really enjoyed attending church meetings in our little branch and the other kids loved having them there. This week a few of the kids asked where they were and I had to regretfully inform them that they had returned home. 

On Sunday afternoon after church, we drove to Kenai to hang out with Dave and Valli and crew. Here is Lydia, pouring the tea. It's the latest craze at the Kenai Harrells!
 Cousins! Madeline is hard to capture on film but she is for sure here in spirit.
 On Monday we all went dipnetting on the world famous Kenai River.  Grandpa pulled in five beautiful red salmon that morning! Ethan and Savannah bonked them into submission and played along the shore. Grandma filleted.
 Tuesday morning was so lovely. We pulled over along the highway and took some photos of the kids in the fireweed. In a few hours they would be on their way home to Utah. But for now they were all ours!

Who wouldn't miss these little faces!
Till next time. Thanks for coming!     XXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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deerhollow said...

What a great vacation you all shared together!! Not a minute wasted. What a sweet time for all of you. I'm so glad the weather was perfect. You two are awesome grandparents!