Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

While the kids were here we finally visited the AWCC.  We highly recommend it for anyone who hasn't been there! Most of the animals are are there because they were orphaned and some are part of programs to build the herd, like the bison. So the bison can breed in captivity because they are going to be released into the wild. And the deer, musk ox, etc. But I learned that it is illegal for moose to breed in captivity. Don't know why. Forgot to ask. These two little animals were my favorite!
The bison herd.
 Two of the grizzly bears. There is a male and two females. 
A very young moose. 
This adult moose was actually whining for attention.  
 The kids loved the moose.
A young musk ox.  
Caribou. There were quite a few and some babies.  
 The bison. Or buffalo as we call them. Lots of babies. A very ugly and dumb looking animal. Sorry to all my bison loving friends. 
 The bears were very eager to socialize. There is a creek that runs through the property from Bird Creek and the bears can actually do some fishing for themselves!

 This little guy was very friendly!
 More buffs. There was also black tailed deer, owls, a lynx, and eagle, black bear and maybe a few other small animals. They are in the process of building a bear viewing area which will be very nice when completed and allow visitors a much better views. Beats tying to jump up over your neighbor to see what's going on. Especially for kids. 
 I wonder what they will do when they are released into the wild???

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