Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mike and Aubrey in Alaska

My Goodness! Every time I sit down to try and blog I feel like a need a tutorial! 
Updates are no fun! 
But Mike and Aubrey coming to Alaska to visit was fun!

We picked them up at the airport on Sunday July 28th and spent the night in Anchorage.  Monday morning they meet with friends from Fairbanks 
and had a fun breakfast and caught up on events.
We headed to Seward that afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful trip home along
 the Turnagain Arm past Girdwood and onto the Kenai peninsula.

Highlights were:
Grilling out with Dad 
Halibut Fishing in Cook Inlet with Dave
Dipnetting with the Kenai Harrells
Crab Dinner with parentals
Alaska Wildlife Center
Cioppino with Chef Mom
Hiking to Tonsina Point
Dinner at Double Musky
Church at the Seward Branch
and  because we love them so much
we met in the Seattle airport on Monday morning 
for breakfast before catching their flight home to Salt Lake. 

The time went by way too fast but we are glad they came! 

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